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Welcome to Spectrum Magazine, our print and online repository of stories that cover the spectrum of our many services, our food, our fun – and the wide world of older adult living. We bring tips, trends and the latest on senior issues, with an eye toward educating, entertaining and informing our residents and their adult children. We tap the abundant expertise not just of our many professionals and staff, but of our warm and wonderful residents. Come join us – peruse our publication and help us help you.

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In this section, you’ll find the departments that fill our print pages:


This department features an ever-important look at what affects your health and well-being. Here, we cover a vast pool of such topics as horticulture therapy, hyperthermia, spirituality and aging, dementia, successful aging and much more. Did you know Spectrum designs its locations to accommodate certain needs? How do you measure the meaning of your life? What is it about the older adult biology that makes heat harder to bear? We bring answers, anecdotes and options.


In this section, we focus on what is fun, moving, heartwarming, funny and helpful. Scan our stories on love, wisdom, and change, as well as our regular features on the unique and varied histories of our Greatest Generation and our centenarians.


You’ve settled your paperwork, but can anyone find it? How do you help your parent face relocation? What is renters insurance? In this section, we tackle the topics that matter most to our families, focusing on tips, trends and solid research.

Inside Spectrum

Learn here about Spectrum Retirement. This section takes you behind our scenes as we recognize our exemplary employees, describe our new locations and put the occasional focus on the artistry of our fun and food folks. Celebrate with us here as we achieve ever new milestones.

Join us now as we continue to bring you what’s best about Spectrum Retirement and our older adults! We are but a click away.