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Be a Volunteer

Work in your community to serve fellow residents and make new friends.


Pine Ridge Villas of Shelby Senior Living Shelby Township, MichiganKen Dulinski knows a thing or two about putting in a long day and working hard! He moved into the Villas of Shelby in April and right away found his calling in the community! Ken worked for Spartan Foods as a stocker and became proficient at “facing fixtures” (making items look full on the shelves). Ken saw the FUN Coordinator opening the store a couple days after he moved in and came over to offer his services. 

The store is resident run. They take turns volunteering, and Ken came at just the right time. Several of the regular store volunteers had fallen ill. Ken said he would love to work, and has been there every day since. Other residents work there too, but when their shifts end, Ken is waiting in the Café to take over. 

He says volunteering has given him the chance to meet new friends — no awkward conversations about being new, he just had to ask them what they needed and the conversation flowed. He’s only lived in the community for a short time but has made a huge impact. His work ethic makes it possible for residents to get items like toilet tissue or even a snack when the store would normally be closed. Weekends, holidays, special events … you can be assured that Ken will be there with a smile!