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Celebrating Our Centenarians Adam Tooley

Adam Tooley

Crestview Senior Living

Crestwood, Missouri

Birthday October 15, 1917

Adam Tooley was born on October 15, 1917, in the small southern Indiana town of Oakland City — population 3,000. He graduated from Oakland City High School in 1935. Early in adulthood, he had a dry cleaning business but soon found a job as a maintenance man at a local coal mine. He did all the repair work on the equipment. 

Adam remembers the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. His brother, who had already served three years in the service, was now in the reserves. He came home from the movies to find his brother on the front porch waiting for him. He told Adam what had happened and said he had to go catch a train because he had to be in Ft. Knox by the end of the day. His brother was gone for five years. He was constantly on the move, so he only wrote to Adam two or three times in that five years. Adam was delighted that his brother and friends made it
back safely. 

Adam spent 27 years as a boilermaker. Then Adam and his wife moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She was manager of an apartment complex and he got a job as a maintenance man there. He loved it so much that he started his own maintenance business doing plumbing, electrical, drywall — just about everything. He retired from his business when he was 70 years old. 

After Adam’s wife passed away, he moved to Sebring, Florida. There he joined a dance club doing the rumba, fox trot, waltz and polka. It was there he met his second wife, Lyndell. After about 20 years in Sebring, they moved to Webster Groves, Missouri. Today Adam enjoys life at Crestview Senior Living.

Adam has two children, Michael and Marsha, and four wonderful grandchildren. Adam’s mother lived to be almost 103 years old, so it’s no wonder that Adam has crossed the Centenarian mark! He celebrated the milestone with his family in French Lick, Indiana.