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Celebrating Our Centenarians June Logger

June Logger

Dougherty Ferry Assisted Living & Memory Care

St. Louis, Missouri

Birthday: October 5, 1918

For June Logger, family is first. Born in St. Louis, she was the oldest of six children. Although her parents passed away at young ages and she is the now the only living sibling, they remained a tight-knit group over the years.

June married in 1947. She believes being a good listener, talking things out and being patient is what contributes to a happy marriage. 

She and her husband, Richard, built a family even larger than the one she was born into. June gave birth to eight children of her own. And now she’s blessed with 13 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. “I have all these great kids and grandkids, it makes life so much nicer!” she says. 

June shares four life lessons: always listen to your children, patience is key to managing a busy life, be careful what you say, and when you feel like your world is caving in — always have faith!