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Clayton Lyndsey: A Man with a Mission


A New Addition to the Spectrum Team Has His Feet Set
Firmly On Solid Ground
(After 22 Years on the Water).

"I haven't been this excited in a really, really long time,” says Clayton Lyndsey, the new vice president of entertainment and programming for Spectrum Retirement Communities. “I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone at Spectrum ... my new family.”


Relocating from Florida to Denver in June, Lyndsey brings more than two decades of experience as an executive Disney Cruise Line director combined with a dynamic personality. He’s an expert at engaging “the young-at-heart” — his term of respect for the grandparents on his cruises.

Spectrum Retirement looks forward to tapping into his energy and charisma.


It all started with Joseph. Joseph was a World War II veteran who took his family — son, daughter, spouses, grandkids (18 in total) — on a cruise. As cruise director, Lyndsey had decided it was his job to make sure grandparents participated in the fun. So, he approached Joseph and told him “We’re going to ride The AquaDuck — you and me.” (The AquaDuck is a giant water slide that meanders around the entire cruise ship.)

They did. Every passenger on board was talking about it by the end of the cruise. This began a tradition where Lyndsey found the most senior person on each cruise and took them for a ride on The AquaDuck. 

For Lyndsey, Senior Living communities are no different than a cruise ship. “It’s our obligation to make sure [the residents] enjoy every day of their stay. They should live with purpose, feel valued and know they can still share in making memories with their families.”


“Those are three powerful words: You never know,” says Lyndsey. “You never know what a hello or a smile will do for someone’s day.” Intense emotion flows as he explains the importance of those three little words. They’ve become a life motto for him.

To illustrate his point, he shares the story of Anne-Marie.

“Anne-Marie was in her 70s,” he begins. She was chosen as Lyndsey’s partner in the “Dancing with the Officers” night of entertainment on one of Disney’s transatlantic cruises. “She was so nervous, so afraid to be on stage in front of 2,000 people, but she loved to dance,” he recalls.

They danced the Samba. “We had a wonderful ending pose where I rolled her down into a dip, and she put a rose in my mouth.” It’s easy to tell this is more than just a fond memory for the cruise director. “She was the talk of the cruise!”

Fast forward several years. A gentleman and his granddaughter approach Lyndsey during a cruise, their faces brightened by giant smiles. “We’ve been looking for you,” says the elder man. He was Anne-Marie’s husband.

Lyndsey learned that his Samba partner had passed away two years earlier. When Lyndsey tried to offer condolences, Anne-Marie’s husband interrupted. “Don’t be sad. You were the memory of her life. She never stopped talking about it.”

He went on to tell Lyndsey that not only did she have a poster-size picture of their final pose (rose in teeth), but she requested to be buried in her dance costume. 

“You never know,” says Lyndsey thoughtfully. “You really just never know the impact you’re having on someone’s life.”

We look forward to Clayton Lyndsey dancing his way into the lives and hearts of the residents at Spectrum Retirement Communities.


Here’s the inside scoop on our new vice president of entertainment and programming:

Favorite TV Show: “This Is Us” (and yes, at times, tears are shed)

Favorite Place He’s Traveled: Santorini, Greece (it’s postcard-picture perfect)

Favorite Music: Jazz, plus any live music (he looks forward to taking in a concert — or ten — at Red Rocks)

Favorite Food: I’m a sushi man

Hobbies: Reading and fitness (at 40-something, Lyndsey competes in men’s physique contests and still gives the young men a run for their money)

Favorite Sport: All of them, but he’s really looking forward to becoming a Denver Broncos fan (he might still wear his Minnesota Vikings jersey) 

Guilty Pleasure: Cap’n Crunch, Crunch Berry Cereal (only after a long stint on the water)