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Conquering a Bucket List 


Check items off your joy-filled to-do list.

bucket list

You’ve probably heard of a bucket list before. It’s possible you even have one. But if not, creating a bucket list can provide a sense of direction and revitalize your zest for life; it’s a compilation of everything exciting you’d like to accomplish. Items listed are fun activities just waiting to be conquered. Bucket lists are about carving your path and exploring the journey along the way. Best of all, this type of list is meant strictly to bring joy to your life.

Since a bucket list is anything but your average to-do list, set only goals that you feel are attainable and fueled by passion. Want to learn another language? That’s a great place to start. Explore your curiosity. Re-energize your spirit by choosing reading material on a subject that’s always piqued your interest. Try listening to a different style of music. It’s amazing how something so simple can bring so much happiness.

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Thinking seasonally is also helpful. Winter is a good time to pick up a new hobby or craft. Perhaps you can turn your creations into gifts for loved ones. The key is to expose yourself to new things — you never know what you’re great at until you try it!

Be sure to vet your list regularly and erase any items you’ve lost the desire to pursue. Share and compare your list with family members or close friends. Better yet, if you share similar interests with someone, team up! The two of you can build a list to tackle together!

No matter what, a bucket list is a perfect way for you to continue to expand your horizons every day. So go ahead — dive in!