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Distinguished Residents: Mariana Kaegebin

A love of art and dance leads to a life well lived.


Mariana Kaegebin

Westbrook Senior Living Streamwood, Illinois


Mariana Kaegebin was born In Chicago, Illinois, into a Greek Orthodox family that placed great value on family unity, faith, the art of dance, fine art and playing various musical instruments. Growing up, Mariana’s family spent much time with extended family and neighbors. The lively gatherings always centered around homemade Greek cuisine, singing and dancing. 

Her love of piano and ballet brought to her a purpose that was so fulfilling, she says. Mariana participated in other dance classes such as jazz, tap, ballroom, line dancing and eventually pointe ballet dancing. Dance came naturally to Mariana.

At the age of 38, Mariana took up piano after listening to her 8-year-old daughter practicing. She was fascinated by the emotion she felt from the classical music. As with ballet dancing, Mariana has put extensive time into this mode of self-expression. Piano didn’t come as easy as ballet; nevertheless, it is equally creative and emotional for her. Occasionally, Mariana will play piano for the Westbrook Senior Living residents and staff.

Mariana’s love of the fine arts is inspirational. Edna Hibel Plotkin, famous for her “Mother and Children” series of paintings, is her favorite artist. Plotkin’s work has been compared with Mary Cassatt’s work and other Impressionist artists. Mariana found Plotkin’s work to be dominant among her eclectic art in her tranquil but sophisticated living spaces. Hibel’s works often have her reminiscing about her “love connection” between Mother and Child.  

Mariana, like many of her immediate and extended family members, have the natural ability to play musical instruments. The list includes: piano, violin and mandolin. She says, “music emerges from us and brings much joy.” At the age of 77, Mariana can’t imagine her life without dancing, fine art, a wide variety of music genres and being social. “You are never too old to open a new chapter in your book of life,” she says.