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Distinguished Residents Mike & Nancy Hopkins

Mike & Nancy Hopkins

Lombard Place Assisted Living & Memory Care  Lombard, Illinois 

Mike & Nancy Hopkins had "the talk" jusafter his 90th birthday celebration and decided it was time for an easier life. The two, who have been married for 19 years and enjoy nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren together, have been living at Lombard Place Assisted Living & Memory Care for more than a year. They moved into the community to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle where they could give up cooking and have someone care for them if needed. However, Mike’s desire to be active and have responsibilities was immediate from the very first day he moved into Lombard Place. 

When he moved in, there was a greenhouse that was not being tended to. He mentioned to the staff that he had a lot of tools that he wasn’t ready to get rid of and wondered if he could make the greenhouse into a workshop. 

Mike brought a selection of tools to his new workshop. It wasn’t long until other men in the community were interested in what Mike had started. Soon he had a group of four men helping: Bob, Bill, Tak and Jack. 

Mike’s new team painted, stained and assembled bird feeders, bird houses and wooden pens that Mike made for the Lombard Place Annual Holiday Market. The money they profited — nearly $400 — was donated to the TLC Camp, a camp for children with cancer. 

In addition to his carpentry skills, Mike is also a talented musician. Growing up, he learned how to play the piano by “training at my mother’s knees.” He also played clarinet and the harmonica all through junior high and high school. Today, Mike plays the piano and sings, while leading the Lombard Place choir.