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Find Your Favorite Old Shows


You can find all your favorite old TV shows,
as well as movies, in surprising new places.

When it comes to finding the classic films, TV shows, and radio programs you remember, there is no need to settle for what you can find on cable TV or at the video store. With access to the Internet and a few clicks of a mouse, you can enjoy a huge selection of your favorite programs again for little or no cost.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library containing nearly 4,000 feature-length films from all eras, as well as television and radio shows, audio books, music and an impressive collection of more than six million digitized e-books. Just type a favorite program, song title or author into the search box or simply browse until you find something to enjoy. Visit

The Old Time Radio Network is another free resource that contains more than 12,000 radio shows available for instant listening. Just download their free software, then click on one of the radio programs listed in their library. Imagine the fun of gathering with your friends to listen to The Lone Ranger or Abbott and Costello once again. Visit

On-Demand Video Services abound if you don’t mind spending a few dollars each month, consider signing up for services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, or Hulu. These services typically allow you to instantly watch as many films, documentaries, and television programs as you like for a small fee.

Some television networks, like PBS, RFD-TV and the BBC also offer selections from their programming at little or no charge.

Finally, don’t forget the resources of the public library for an extensive selection of videos, radio programs and audio books. Browse through their electronic catalog; if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it can often be ordered from another library.

Get clicking and explore the possibilities. You’ll find many of your old favorites, and maybe discover some new favorites, too!