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Finding the Fun in Fitness


Add some life to your fitness routine.

Developing a workout routine is important for good health — both physical and mental! If going to the gym isn’t part of your life, now is a great time to start. Finding fun in fitness is the key to embracing a new outlook on exercise.

The ideal way to welcome something new into our lives is to couple it with something we already enjoy doing — like going to social outings and having fun. Here are two different ways to put a little zest into your life through movement.

Get Virtually Fit

Who said video games are just for kids? You can tone up using technology, and your body controls the television screen! Microsoft’s Kinect uses some fancy technology to enable a camera to “see” and project your image onto the screen.

There are several exercise games compatible with Kinect to set your body in motion like dancing, tennis, martial arts and more. In fact, you can even go “virtually” bowling with friends! These highly interactive programs make it easy to engage and make exercising not feel like such a chore.

Up Your Reps

If the virtual world isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to give circuit training a try. Circuit training is a series of exercises, on easy-to-use machines, that build muscle while providing cardiovascular benefits. If you want to maximize your time or you are the type who bores easily, this routine may be for you.

Each machine works specific body parts and after 8 to 10 reps at each station, you move onto the next. (Usually with a short break in between.) This mix of strength and balance exercises keeps muscles and bones strong, which, in turn, makes everyday activities easier. Because it increases balance, this type of workout can help prevent falls.

Good fitness can be attained in as little as a half hour per day. And that small sliver of time can make a major impact on the longevity and vitality of your life. Increase mobility and health by adding more movement to your life today.