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Get a Great Nights Sleep

Counting sheep really does help

A good night’s sleep is the ideal way to recharge the mind, body and spirit. Brahms’ Lullaby may have lulled you to sleep as a child but today sleep-depriving troubles like anxiety, worry, insomnia or medical conditions, can make a good night’s sleep hard to come by.

Here are a few tips for catching the right amount of Zzzzzs:

  • Keep a daily routine. Try to go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning.

  • Enjoy a healthy-sized lunch and a light evening meal or snack. Avoid large meals and spicy foods late at night.

  • Spend time enjoying outdoor activities as sunlight helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle.

  • Relax before bedtime. Enjoy music, a good book, light meditation or relaxation exercises.

  • Drink fewer beverages in the evening. Waking up to use the bathroom and turning on lights interrupts the sleep cycle.

  • Turn off the television and any backlit devices (iPad, mobile devices) at least one hour before bed.

  • Make your bedroom comfortable. Be sure it’s dark, quiet, not too warm and not too cold. Have a comfortable mattress, pillow and the right bedding for the season.

Watching the bedroom clock is a surefire recipe for insomnia count sheep instead! Yes, it’s true that counting sheep, or anything, slowly for a count of 100 acts hypnotically in the brain allowing it to relax. Take inventory of your daily activities and routines and you may discover a few ways to achieve a better night’s sleep every night.