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Meditating for a Stronger Mind, Body & Soul


Quiet time with yourself offers unexpected health benefits.

Meditating, as Merriam-Webster  defines, is “to spend time in quiet thought for religious purposes or relaxation.” Every day we hear how more and more people are turning in droves to practice it. Why is that?


By meditating, your mental focus shifts to concentrating on what is happening internally in your body — mentally and physically. This sends calming signals to your nervous system. But that’s not all, meditation, sometimes referred to as mindfulness, has been touted to squash insomnia, boost immunity, amp up focus levels and more. Better yet, science  is proving these claims to be true. Research shows that meditation helps preserve the aging brain and improve cognitive skills and creative thinking.

People who meditate are shown to have a greater sense of well-being, which translates to less depression and anxiety, including social anxiety. Less stress, fear and loneliness will, in turn, increase optimism and awareness and allow for greater social connections, not to mention better self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Practicing meditators are shown to have less heart and brain problems, fewer  inflammatory disorders, better immune systems and an overall higher level of energy.

Some of these findings occur after only a few days of practice. It’s amazing what the act of slowing

down can do for your body — inside and out. Another great thing: Meditation can be done nearly anywhere and without equipment, although a quiet spot works best.

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