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Memory Care Program at Spectrum Retirement

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Spectrum Retirement Communities is excited to announce the latest addition to its growing profile. Spectrum will be adding a stand-alone Memory Care community making this the third level of care to Park Meadows Senior Living in Overland Park, Kansas.

The new community will follow Spectrum’s Path to the Present® Memory Care Program that offers a unique and very effective approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. By focusing on the individual, we create an environment that caters to one’s personality, core values and personal preference.

The freestanding memory care community will be able to hold 40 residents and will be the first of its kind for Spectrum Retirement. It will be a single story building with approximately 26,000 square feet. More than 55 percent of this space will be devoted to common areas uniquely designed for Memory Care residents. The building will be shaped like a square, and the center courtyard will be the Memory Care garden.

Features include safety and accessibility, as well as unique way-finding avenues that create a home-like environment for residents.  Apartments will follow the month-to-month rental structure.

Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC, a Denver-based senior housing owner and developer, was founded in 2003. With no expensive buy-in fee, Spectrum Retirement Communities offers spacious retirement apartment homes at an affordable month-to-month rent. For more information on Spectrum Retirement Communities, visit