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Settle In

Making the move to a senior living community is a big deal, but as our residents will attest, it can be a great decision.


Evelyn was in the neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon getting her car washed, and she stopped in for information about Crestview Senior Living. I happened to be at the community, and I gave Evelyn a tour and invited her back for lunch. Several weeks later Evelyn and her daughter returned to the community for lunch and a tour. This was the start of a one-year relationship helping her understand why she should move to Crestview

Evelyn was lonely since her husband passed away. As time went on, I knew she wanted to move, but she was giving her daughter and me excuse after excuse to stay in her home. One day she said, “I think I am ready to move to Crestview but, I would like all new furniture for my apartment.” 

Evelyn, her daughter and I went shopping and set up delivery dates for furniture. It was one year from that first day Evelyn walked into Crestview. Evelyn has been a resident at Crestview since 2012, and she still tells me how happy she is to be here and thanks me for not giving up on her!

Pat Beisel, Crestview Senior Living
Executive Director