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Spectrum Communities are Designed for Living


Spectrum’s go-to interior designer creates
inviting spaces residents to love.


Jan Andresen has been Spectrum Retirement Communities’ interior designer for 11 years and is the owner of Denver Design Direct. She specializes in creating interior spaces that enrich the lives of Spectrum Retirement residents.   

Your expertise is in the interior design of senior living communities. Why that field?

I wanted to work in an industry where I felt I was helping people have a more comfortable life. All of our communities are so welcoming, and people comment on that regularly. I love designing places and spaces that are inviting, relaxing, beautiful and make everyone feel at home. That’s what we all strive for at Spectrum. 

What’s your most important consideration when designing?

We want every room to feel like home, and that can be a design challenge. For instance, we choose commercial-grade carpet, but we select a residential look and feel, in color, texture and design, one that wears well and is stain-resistant. We also update our communities every few years to stay current, trendy and attractive.

How do you choose the colors?

We stay with what’s in style and on-trend. I choose colors that are saturated enough that they remain vivid wherever we use them. I also choose colors that affect people’s moods; we don’t want dim, drab or flat colors. We want a sophisticated, current look but not so sophisticated that anyone
feels uncomfortable.

What do you enjoy most about interior design in a senior living community?

I absolutely love choosing accessories! We have lounges, bistros and grand parlors, restaurant-style dining rooms, beauty shops and even game and event rooms. I strive to put a personal touch on each space. We have community rooms complete with product demonstration kitchens that are stunning. We have gardening, arts-and-crafts rooms and a library. Everyone enjoys the public spaces because they’re designed for both relaxing and socializing. People wouldn’t want to come here if it felt like a hotel, so we make it feel like home.