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Spectrum Team Member Honored

Ohio Assisted Living Association Honors a Spectrum Team Member.

Samantha R. Groves, from The Gardens at Westlake Senior Living, was recently honored as Outstanding Caregiver with an Honoring Excellence Award from the Ohio Assisted Living Association (OALA). Groves was nominated for the award by Paola Marcuz, LPN.

Here is an excerpt from Marcuz’s nomination letter:

“… Samantha has been recognized within our Community for her outstanding demonstration of the Spectrum Retirement Communities Core Values — Integrity, Respect, Leadership, Personal Growth, Excellence and Stewardship. She is a favorite of the residents and always has a smile on her face, a joke or kind word and a gentle hand for the residents we serve …

“Samantha has a particularly rare gift for end of life care. … I have, on numerous occasions, entered an apartment of a resident during their terminal decline, to find Samantha quietly speaking to the already un­responsive resident, explaining what care she would be providing as she talked about their family visiting or the color of the sky or how nice they looked after their bath. I have witnessed family members visibly relax when she enters the room to care for their loved one. She allows our beloved seniors to exit our world with dignity and grace …”