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Top 10 Movies for Seniors 


Any time is the right time to settle in and enjoy a great movie.
Here are 10 films recommended for mature audiences.

The Hundred Foot Journey


“The Hundred-Foot Journey”
Cultures and cuisines collide when a family from India opens a restaurant across the street from one of France’s finest eateries.






The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel




“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
A group of retirees finds new adventures after moving to a dilapidated hotel in India.









Seniors stumble upon the fountain of youth, compliments of visitors from another planet.




Space Cowboys




“Space Cowboys”
A crew of former NASA engineers comes out of retirement to try to fix a failing satellite.





On Golden Pond





“On Golden Pond”
A pivotal summer at a cabin in the north woods helps bring a family back together.










A father and son try to find common ground while on a road trip to claim a lottery prize.





The Bucket List





“The Bucket List”
Two terminally ill men head off to complete their wish lists before they die.




The Notebook




“The Notebook”
A love story transcends time and circumstances to reconnect a husband and wife.




Grumpy Old Men




“Grumpy Old Men”
An attractive new neighbor inflames an ongoing feud between elderly rivals.




Harold and Maude




“Harold and Maude”
A septuagenarian teaches a self-destructive teenager about life.



HONORABLE MENTION: “Up” Thousands of balloons help a widower realize his life-long wish.