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When to Move 

“When is the right time for my loved one to consider a retirement community?”

It’s a difficult decision to make —and one often met with trepidation. At Spectrum, we understand the difficulties adult children face when planning their parents’ future. And we are here to help. Following, are some signs that might indicate it is time to consider a move:

An increase in accidental falls

Increased clutter, weakening physical condition and frequent loss of balance are just a few signs of an increased susceptibility to harmful falls.

An empty refrigerator

Is the fridge empty when it used to be full? This could mean that your loved one is no longer getting the proper nutrition or even remembering to eat at the usual intervals.

Frequent memory lapses

Increased incidents of memory loss could mean a lot more is going on than meets the eye. It could indicate a larger health issue or some sort of chemical imbalance.

Unopened mail

This ties into possible memory loss, but if there are piles of unpaid bills or other important pieces of mail unopened, it could be a sign that there is something deeper going on that needs attention.

Hygiene issues when there previously weren’t any

Days without bathing, piles of laundry because the same outfit has been worn for more than one day, and stains on what your loved one is wearing, are all signs that some form of assistance is needed.

Change of interests and/or behavior

Some other signs to look for are a change in interests, in terms of what your loved one has always enjoyed doing in the past. Shifts in mood and emotion should also be noted. as well as changes in the way your loved one drives their car.

Change in driving ability

How can you tell when it’s time for your parents to stop driving a car? If you truly feel that it’s unsafe for your loved ones to be driving because they or someone else might get injured, then the time has come to take action.