Chapter 4: Today’s Choices in Senior Living

Communities today are built to be attractive, accessible, and are designed with special facilities catering to the needs and wants of retirees.

The personalities of the people moving into this type of lifestyle option are also shaping the future of the senior housing industry. Long gone are the traditional ways of looking at aging as a time when one slows down and disengages from life. Today successful again means maintaining an active lifestyle. Senior housing operators want to five their prospective residents many of the things they had when they still lived at home. Their new senior living community becomes an extension of their previous home. They have an easier time adjusting and getting used to things simply because not much has changed. They only difference is that now they are in an environment where certain things are done for them. Think of what it might be like living on a cruise ship or at a resort all year long, and you have what residents at many senior communities are experiencing and enjoying on a daily basis.

Bingo is not the only game in town.

Virtually every retirement community today has a life enrichment program that offers a wide variety of activities and events, all designed with a focus on the senior's quality of life. Wellness is a major component of senior housing, with daily exercise and physical activities, flexibility, and workout routines based on individual abilities and needs. The business center offers computer classes and memory skill programs. events, entertainment, and other programs offer opportunities for new interests. Spacious lounges become gathering spots for socializing and entertaining.

All of these state-of-the-art amenities, and more, will continue to be featured in innovative new combinations or packages as communities strive to meet living and socials needs of the growing senior population.

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