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Spectrum Resident Story

Senior Living: "Do We Stay or Do We Go?"

Making the decision to move into senior living: four key considerations.

As we age, we are faced with making several transitions. Deciding where to spend our later years is a choice that will invite change irrespective of whether we stay in our home or relocate to an environment that better supports our needs, values, and goals.

For some, the decision-making process of selecting a senior living community is a difficult one; for others it can be enjoyable and easy. Jack and Peggy Humphreys began their journey to senior living five years ago when it became apparent that they wanted to downsize and relinquish responsibilities related to homeownership. As a result, they put plans in place to bolster health, wellness, and social support for their later years and started the decision-making process that would ultimately lead them to Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living, one of Spectrum’s newest communities in Chandler, Ariz.

Once Jack and Peggy decided to move into the Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living, they relocated from their home that was a short three miles away. Jack and Peggy both agreed that what made Spectrum Gardens at Ocotillo most attractive was the ability to rent property with amenities included, instead of having to buy property—which is the case with many other senior living communities they investigated. Jack explains, “I was uncertain about making this move and was hesitant in many ways. But the ability to rent rather than purchase made the decision easier.”

Peggy agrees. “We knew we needed to move and we were thinking about the future and what made this choice attractive was the flexibility and the ability to stay in touch with our existing ties in the area,” she recalls.

Four key themes emerged in Jack and Peggy’s decision-making process. These pros and cons are relevant for many older adults deciding whether or not to transition into senior living.

The four major issues consisted of:

1. Financing and affordability options, specifically whether to rent or purchase;

2. Flexibility to customize space and make accommodations according to lifestyle and personal preferences;

3. Location and access to community;

4. The ability of the community to meet anticipated healthcare needs associated with aging.

Jack and Peggy are new to Gardens at Ocotillo Senior Living, but they are pleased with the experience thus far. As they unpack boxes, they are looking forward to meeting new friends, engaging in social opportunities, and living out a happy life in a place that meets their needs and in an environment with friendly staff and stellar amenities.

By Lydia Manning

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