Memory Care

The Path to the Present® – A Resident Directed Program

At Lone Mountain Memory Care in North Scottsdale, our Memory Care program is guided by the principle that no senior is defined by their dementia; that they are still an individual with thoughts, feelings, and interests worthy of exploration and support. We believe that meaningful, engaging visits with caregivers produce positive associations and are an important part of daily living for persons with memory impairment.

Lone Mountain Memory Care

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Memory Care at senior living community in Scottsdale, AZ

24-Hour Memory Care

Caring for an individual with memory impairment can be difficult, especially when you too are new to the disease. At Lone Mountain Memory Care, our professional staff is trained to provide 24-hour dementia care, ensuring your loved one receives compassionate, knowledgeable care you can trust.


Brain Boosting Benefits™

(B3) Program

Food in raw form is more concentrated and beneficial. Our Brain Boosting BenefitsTM smoothies incorporate super foods into the diet that can’t be achieved through regular menus.

Our B3 smoothies are served as a snack in memory care every afternoon. Recipes are developed by our dining services team & the “Smoothie of the Day” menu is posted in memory care.

Empowering Seniors by Building Communities

At Lone Mountain Memory Care, we focus on activities-based care, helping individuals relearn what has been lost. Our staff is trained to provide experiences that both improve functioning and generate a positive experience for the individual. We develop an individual care plan for each resident and empower them to choose the activities that most resonate with their interests and gives each resident the opportunity to be a contributing member of their community.

For more information on North Scottsdale's only dedicated Memory Care community, contact Lone Mountain Memory Care. We're here to offer seniors living with Alzheimer's and dementia the care and attention they deserve.

Specialized memory care dining at senior living community in Scottsdale, AZ

Watch our video here to get a firsthand glance at what life is like in our Memory Care Neighborhood and how we help our residents thrive.