Finding fulfillment as a senior with memory impairment can be difficult, but it gets easier with the help of Lone Mountain Memory Care. We offer wellness activities designed to engage the mind, body, and spirit of your loved one. Whether they are interested in religious teachings, guided meditation, or physical activity, we are here to reignite these passions and foster a community that supports them in their pursuit of happiness.

*Please Note: Availability of programs may vary by community.

Lone Mountain Memory Care

(480) 455-6501

7171 E Lone Mountain Rd Scottsdale, AZ 85266

Wellness: Physical program at Lone Mountain Memory Care


  • SpectraFit™ Classes
  • Xbox and Wii Bowling, Tennis, and Golf


  • History’s Mysteries™ Discussion Group
  • Book Club and Book Review
  • Marvelous Minds™ Mental Fitness Program
  • What’s News? ™ Discussion Group
  • SpectraAdventures™ Virtual Travel Program
  • Guest Speakers
Wellness: Intellectual program at Lone Mountain Memory Care
Wellness: Spiritual program at Lone Mountain Memory Care


  • Religious Studies
    Mediation and Guided Imagery
  • Reflections on a Life Well Lived™
  • Religious Services Speakers

* Please Note: These providers are independent contractors and not legally related to or owned by Lone Mountain Memory Care or Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC. In making this list available, Lone Mountain Memory Care and Spectrum Retirement Communities make no representation or warranty as to the nature, quality and scope of the services that are provided by these contractors.