The best senior living experience focuses on supporting total wellness, mind, body, and spirit. At Burr Ridge Senior Living, we believe that in order to live your best, healthiest life, mental stimulation and social interaction are key. To improve or maintain your cognitive health, our community offers a variety of life-enhancing amenities, activities, and services.

When you become a resident at Burr Ridge Senior Living, these are some of the wellness activities you can expect.

Please note: Availability of programs may vary by community

Burr Ridge Senior Living

(630) 785-4216

16W301 91st St Burr Ridge, IL 60527

Wellness: Physical program at Burr Ridge Senior Living


  • SpectraFit™ Classes
  • SpectraCircuit™
  • Xbox and Wii Bowling, Tennis, and Golf
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy


  • History’s Mysteries™ Discussion Group
  • Book Club and Book Review
  • Marvelous Minds™ Mental Fitness Program
  • What’s News?™ Discussion Group
  • SpectraAdventures™ Virtual Travel Program
  • Guest Speakers
Wellness: Intellectual program at Burr Ridge Senior Living
Wellness: Spiritual program at Burr Ridge Senior Living


  • Bible Study
  • Mediation and Guided Imagery
  • Reflections on a Life Well Lived™
  • Religious Services Speakers

*Please note: These providers are independent contractors and not legally related to or owned by Burr Ridge Senior Living or Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC. In making this list available, Burr Ridge Senior Living and Spectrum Retirement Communities make no representation or warranty as to the nature, quality, and scope of the services that are provided by these contractors.