Living Options

At Crestview Senior Living, we focus exclusively on independent living—for people who are looking for a new home where they can lead an active retirement.  

Independent Living

Our community is devoted to Independent Living. But if you need a little extra help, it’s easy to get optional in-home service. Simply contract separately with a provider of your choice* who can come right to your apartment.

Please Note: These providers are independent contractors and not legally related to or owned by Crestview Senior Living or Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC. In making this list available, Crestview Senior Living and Spectrum Retirement Communities make no representation or warranty as to the nature, quality and scope of the services that are provided by these contractors.

Learn about Independent Living

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The Difference from a Nursing Home

At Crestview Senior Living, we don’t offer skilled nursing. That’s reserved for nursing homes—also called skilled nursing facilities—which offer a higher level of medical service than you’ll find here. Nursing homes are for people who don’t need a hospital but can’t be cared for at home. If you don’t need that kind of care, our community might be just what you’re looking for.

How to Choose Living Options

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? Read our guide—This Feels Like Home®: A guide to finding the most appropriate retirement living option.

In-Home Care & Nursing Home available at senior living community in Crestwood, MO