Pet-Friendly Senior Living, Creve Coeur, MO

At Creve Coeur Assisted Living & Memory Care, you or your loved one can keep a loyal pet by your side. A pet friendly retirement community, we love welcoming new furry and feathered friends. You’ll find pets living here, visiting their loved ones and cultivating new friendships in pet therapy—so it feels like home.

Live-in Pet Companions

Our Assisted Living community is full of special pets who live here with their human friends. Many become community mascots, sparking comradery wherever they go.

Your loved one also can bring his or her small pet too:

  • Continue the powerful bond as he or she ages
  • Take comfort in that special friendship during the transition
  • Enjoy the pet’s companionship in his or her new home

Creve Coeur Assisted Living & Memory Care

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Pet friendly senior living community in Creve Coeur, MO

Pet Visitors 

When you visit Creve Coeur Assisted Living, bring along any grandpets or great grandpets. Your loved one will love a warm hello from the whole family, and you’ll create an especially joyful time together.

Pet Therapy

We offer pet therapy, so your loved one can keep his or her spirits up by interacting with animals. It’s a great way to get the comfort and wellness benefits of being with a special dog or cat—even if when he or she doesn’t have a pet.