At Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care, we want you to thrive. Our Powell, OH, senior community is focused on the physical, intellectual, and spiritual well-being of all residents.

Because lifestyle is an important factor in selecting an Assisted Living or Memory Care community, we provide an abundance of innovative activities designed to power your body, challenge your mind, and soothe your soul. Take a moment to view a sampling of the many opportunities you or your loved one will enjoy as a resident of our community

Please Note: Availability of programs may vary by community.

Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care

(614) 210-3013

3872 Attucks Drive Powell, OH 43065

Wellness: Physical program at Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care


  • Morning (and often afternoon) SpectraFit™ Classes
  • Weight and Elastic-Band Training
  • Chair and Regular Yoga Classes
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Monthly Health Screens and Blood Pressure Checks


  • History’s Mysteries™ Discussion Group
  • Book Club and Book Review
  • Marvelous Minds™ Mental Fitness Program
  • What’s News? ™ Discussion Group
  • SpectraAdventures™ Virtual Travel Program
  • Quality Living Speakers’ Program (Topics such as Self-Image, Healthy Relationships and Handling Loss)
Wellness: Intellectual program at Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care
Wellness: Spiritual program at Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care


  • Aging with Grace
  • Religious Studies
  • Reflections on a Life Well Lived™
  • Humanity United for Good (HUGS®) Community Service Program
  • Religious Services Speakers

* Please Note: These providers are independent contractors and not legally related to or owned by Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care or Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC. In making this list available, Powell Assisted Living & Memory Care and Spectrum Retirement Communities make no representation or warranty as to the nature, quality and scope of the services that are provided by these contractors.